What is EZTEL International Mobile Top-up
EZTEL is a prepaid long distance phone service that provides cheap rates for International calling without the need to change long distance carriers. EZTEL is the best way to make cheap international calls. International calling has never been easier.  

  • Free minutes on signup.
  • Low international calling rates.
  • Great local access coverage in U.S. and Canada.
  • No monthly maintenance fee.
  • Skip entering your PIN number when dialing from up to three phones.
  • Call from any phone including home, work, mobile.
Are you calling international destinations regularly?

Would you like a cheap international calling plan? Do you need the best international calling plan to speak long distance to family, friends or business associates?
If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', you could use a cheap international phone card. Unfortunately, we know that prepaid phone cards steal your minutes, through hidden charges and the quality is often very poor.

We provide the best quality long distance phone plans at great rates and we guarantee no daily nor weekly nor monthly maintenance charges in our international calling plan service. With TelOne, when you are calling long distance from your home or cell phone, you only pay for time you are actually speaking.
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Destination Rates $10.00
Brazil $0.02  500 min 
Canada $0.01 1,000 min
Columbia $0.028 350 min
Dominican Republic $0.04 250 min
Ghana $0.20 50 min
Haiti $0.27 36 min
Nigeria $0.05 200 min